The Nyani Cultural Village Tour


The history and culture of the African tribes comes to life at Nyani Cultural Village. This cultural attraction in Hoedspruit is ideal for visitors and learners of all ages.

The cultural journey  starts in the Boma theatre with the original hour-long show “Limpopo Pathways” featuring the costumes, songs and dances of the local tribes including the San (Bushmen), the Shona & Venda, the Tsonga, the Balobedu (Modjadji the Rain Queen), the Pedi and the BaHananawa (Tswana). Following the show your will learn about the architecture, the agriculture, and the customs of the Shangaan people. You will also be provided with a delicious lunch, served in typical African style.

All this in Hoedspruit, nearby Lowveld Escape!

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